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Learn Cycling in just 1 lesson?

9 out of 10 learnt in their first lesson, check the reviews below.

Afraid of falling?

Bicycles come with an attached rear bar, we will provide the physical support (more effort on us, less fear for you).

Check the photos and reviews.

Cycling Lessons Adults & Kids

1 pax @ $90 per lesson

2 pax @ $120 per lesson

3 pax @ $180 per lesson

5X lesson package. $20 discount for 2 pax or more sign up.

1 pax $450

2 pax was $600 now $580*

3 pax was $900 now $880*.

Price inclusive of (a) Bicycle use (b) Helmet use (c) Elbow and knee guards use for lesson.

Venue (Sheltered) : (a) Kallang Sportshub (b) Bukit Panjang.

Duration: 50 minutes per lesson


Private Coaching May 2023.png
Cycling lesson Singapore


Online Booking

Whatsapp Coach Sam

Click to whatsapp 81683918

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